Achieve Your Full Potential

I specialize in providing clients with a holistic approach to life coaching. I incorporate meditation practices, energy healing modalities, and performing physical movements like yoga and mindful walking (or running and hiking), as part of my overall life coaching efforts. Also included in my efforts are book reading suggestions and discussions, as appropriate, to widen and deepen my clients understanding of themselves as perfected beings of light and love.

I also offer Energy Healing services for overall mental and emotional well being and daily equanimity. Such sessions are effective in releasing pain, tension, general discomfort, and lethargy in our bodies. I use Reiki and other modalities for such Energy Healing efforts. Our fears and anxieties once understood with full awareness can be released.

I possess a diverse educational background as an electronics engineer with a MBA and Reiki Mastership as well as experience working in technology companies and on Wall Street. In addition, I am the author of a new book, You Are Love, available for purchase starting February 2016 on Amazon.